My life is a series of changes
I smile, I laugh, I cry, I learn.
Sunday, April 24, 2011
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Bob Marley~

This lady here. She is Nazyha.

She's a friend of Naufal in Chem Eng and now she became a friend of mine too. This girl, i love her. She's the one i can talk to about anything. Just anything. When it comes to my problems and my feelings, she is able to understand. During my IMH posting, she is the only soul out of my long list of friends who bothers to text me up after my shift most of the time to ask how things is going on at work. She is the only one who gets worried all over during my attachment posting. Up till now, she bothers to text me up to check whether im doing ok with my life. Now, how can i not love her? God gave me another awesome soul in my sweet-sour-spicy life.


Friday, April 22, 2011
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Im missing my long hair with those nice curls.

Lifes being a bitch but too bad, still have to live with it. In fact, God wants it to be this way.

Anyways, im missing my IMH attachment. Those 10 days of fun and enjoyment. Rindu giler please.

Today marks the end of week 1 of Year 3. I can really feel the stress that awaits me. Gotta settle with Projects and FYP. Then comes PRCP. I hope i hav the courage to ace this final yet tough lap. They goodbye NP and hello to Diploma.

I wanna add in a few words about those special events i had during my hols.

Saturday, 9th April 2011.

Me and Fal head down to Fya's crib. Planning for a surprise breakfast for her. But unfortunately, she was at JB at that point of time. But still we stayed there, chit chatting with Fina and their grandfather. Datuk so cute please! I miss having one.

Anws from fya's crib, fal head down and spent time with my family as at the same time, he wanna visit my Nenek. That day was indeed special. I spent time with Naufal for an awesome 7 hours. And at night, The Indian Society had a meet up. Fad Fya Fal catching up session. NAISE! ;)

Tuesday, 12th April 2011.

Met Naz at her workplace together with Fal. Glad that im able to meet her. Rindu many many. Then the next awesome part is, one of my have-to-do list is finally achieved. Me and Naufal prayed maghrib together. Im really more than thankful to Allah for making it happen, for the awesome opportunity. Alhamdulillah.... :))

Wednesday, 13th April 2011.

Night cycling at Changi Coast was the Bomb. Seriously. Started cycling around 8pm with Fal. Those beautiful sceneries we came across, the moon, the stars, the aeroplanes. Its too beautiful and i'll keep it in mind forever. :)

Friday, April 15, 2011
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My Dear Nadia will be going back to Egypt in a few hours time. Babe, take care wherever you are for that long 5 years. Study hard and i'll meet you again ok baby. LOVE YOU! :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011
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Cuteness right? :D To this lady over here, im really proud of you making it to poly. Jiayo baby! I know you can do it! Its time for you to grab a diploma!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
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I love this woman here so much.

For now, im not asking much. I just want her to be fine.

Just fine to see her smile cause i know that she's way too strong to go through what God has put in line for her.

She is one of the best woman in my life and in my family.


Saturday, March 19, 2011
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Thursday, March 10, 2011
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Im dreading with my attachment. But in another way, ive learned a lot just in 2 days. First, i felt like a mum. Bathing, feeding and putting those lil babies to sleep. Nothing beats that 7hours of doing the same thing. And next, ive learned how meaningful life is actually. When it comes to attachment, im not only a human but also a pig. Cause i like to spend my free hours sleeping. I'll not talk much at home. I get very angsty when people irritate me. Thats it. Im just tired with that 8hours of standing every single day.

Saturday, March 5, 2011
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Saturday, 5 march 2011.
0930hours at East Coast Park.
A beautiful Saturday morning, well spent with my chubbiest girlfriend, Fya.

To satisfy my cravings for Mac breakfast, we had our Tapaos from Mac and had breakfast by the beach.
She's a real sweetheart.
We shared our mcmuffin and hotcakes.
*perangai kalah orang ada matair*

Fya's heart-chilli-sausagemcmuffin created by her and with love.

F-A-D hotcakes.

When sausage mac muffin meets hotcakes, it turns out to be PACMAN STORY.
*Fya's idea*

Despite the waves spoiling her sand-written names, she smiled throughout.
That makes my Saturday morning.

We didnt expect for this awesome time together, but its nicely written.

Impromptu decision.

She complains of being tired most of the time.
Every 10mins at least. ;P
And the other complain, PAIN AT THE ASS.
At the Bedok Jetty.
Dearest, sorry for not knowing that theres memories at this place and pushing you through till the end of the Jetty. If i know about it, we wouldnt have our pit stop right here. Nevertheless, i like the few minutes at the Jetty. Eventhough its packed with humans, i could still sense some peacefulness here.

Lutfiah Bte Md Sani, thank you for the beautiful morning spent at ECP.
For making me smile every seconds.
For making me laugh at our jokes and clumsiness.
Our 3hours at ecp is indeed a memorable one.
Remember that you will always be my prettiest and chubbiest lil girlfriend.
And that i love you so much and nothing can change that.

Friday, March 4, 2011
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Im the last one.
I always wonder what the heck happened.
They say, 'Everything is temporary'
Therefore, i tell myself that whatever is happening right now is temporary.
I'll smile like nothing happen. And nothing is hurting me.

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I miss blogging.

Finally, im done with my exams. 3 papers. The first 2 was as nice as heaven while i screwed my last paper. Thanks to the sudden 'nauseatic feeling' that makes me give up with studying and thus not being able to answer most questions. Whatever it is, ive done my very best. Like what Eleena said, whatever happens, happen. :)

I only have today, saturday and sunday to appreciate the short rest. Back to attachment on 7th March. 2weeks at KKH and the other 2weeks at IMH. Im more worried with the one at IMH. Ive got this very big fear towards mental souls and that makes me feel so half-hearted to hit attachment. May everything goes well for that one month. InsyaAllah..... :))

This soul here, she is also known as Mamapooh.
I love her as much as i love myself.
She's just too nice to her lil sister here and that makes me love her so much.
She's way too awesome to love.

I miss my Babyboys, seriously.
I miss being together with them.
I miss how they make me laugh every single seconds.
I miss how they potray their idiotic self.
I miss how we behave as like 'nurses-in-disguise'.

The 3 most idoitic idiots; Rashid, Haiqal and JZ. :)

Bubu miss every single one of you veryvery badly.

Hope to meet you guys again, anytime, real soon.
*hearts you guys*

Fad's Territory
'Im stubborn, impatient & a little insecure. i make mistakes, i am out of control & at times hard to handle. But if you cant handle me at my worst, it will also mean that you dont deserve me at my best.'
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